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HI!! Im Sara.. Im 19.

And if your only seeing this journal, then that means you need to click my little icon and add me as a friend!! 

I'm selfish and that's why I get hurt. I'm insecure and unable to trust because I've been hurt. I'm weak because I'm learning. I'm forgiving because I've learned. I'm strong because I hold through and because I am growing. I'm myself. I don't believe in labels. I believe in God and i am christian, but that does not make me perfect (or close to it). I believe that friends are forever ( I luff my friends SO much!!!), guys are awsome, but they can wait. Except that one rare guy, who's just for me. I have been hurt in relationships..and I've learned from it. I try not to regret things. I'm hypocritical and I can admit it. I'm blunt and straightforward. I hate this quality. I might be attracted to you if you can turn the tables with things I say. I might like you if your fun. I might love you if you learn to love me back. I LoVe to LuFf and be LuRvEd back! (and to boogie.) I love music with everthing in me. When im not breathing im singing (and im usually doing both.) I always seem to be caught doing the dumbest things. I believe doing the dumbest things can only mean your doing the funnest things. Im the biggest klutz ever! you can play connect the bruises on me. I believe that life is short but its the longest thing you'll ever do, and you only got one shot at it. =) ...So SpReAd ThE LoVe!!!...

Did I mention I have this eating problem? I do it to often, And Don't fast enough...

But I'm working on it.

Theres a thin line between pain and hunger...and I ride a unicycle down the middle.

Stay STRONG and Think THIN luvs!



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